DeepSight? Intelligence

Extend your teams with actionable cyber threat intelligence. Make sharper decisions to defend against emerging global threats.

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Unsurpassed Visibility into Global Threats

Intelligence that is timely, relevant, and context-rich

Actionable intelligence provides the necessary context and technical details surrounding a threat so teams can quickly assess cyber risk and implement proactive controls. Stay ahead of evolving threats with curated threat intelligence by DeepSight experts. Experienced teams harness the visibility provided by the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, the largest civilian threat collection network and track over 700,000 global adversaries worldwide.

Get the “who, what, when, where, and how” of global threats with DeepSight Managed Adversary and Threat Intelligence.

Acquire the most relevant threat intelligence through DeepSight Directed Threat Research to address your most pressing cybersecurity questions.

Harness real-time vulnerability, malware, and reputation intelligence to improve the effectiveness of your analyst teams and your existing security infrastructure.

Unsurpassed Visibility Into Global Threats

Focused on the Adversary

Rich context makes intelligence actionable

Increase visibility into relevant threats encompassing cybercrime, cyber espionage and hactivism. DeepSight provides rich contextual information which helps you focus on what is relevant, what is not, and how to implement countermeasures, providing global insights into:

  • Active campaigns and threats
  • Up-to-date threat indicators
  • Threat origination
  • Goals and techniques of the threat actors and groups
  • Future outlook


Focused on the Adversary

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Security Teams and Infrastructure

Improve detection and response times with intelligence

Use threat intelligence to maximize the effectiveness of existing teams and technologies. Quickly assess cyber risk and make better, faster, and more informed decisions.

The DeepSight API and Datafeeds make your current security technologies more effective by leveraging technical and adversary intelligence in an automated fashion.

Security Operations teams quickly identify, assess, and remediate attacks.

Threat Intelligence teams identify critical emerging threats and implement proactive controls.

Vulnerability Management teams easily identify, prioritize, clean, and close vulnerabilities.

Incident Response teams effectively assess the severity and scope of an incident and minimize the impact.

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Security Teams And Infrastructure

Threat Intelligence Delivery Mechanisms

Consume threat intelligence using the methods that best suit your security program

Intelligence Portal

Get a complete range of threat intelligence along with supporting research tools that encompasses information on vulnerabilities, malware, indicators of compromise, campaigns, tactics/techniques/ procedures, and adversary profiles; providing you with a complete view of relevant threats and exposures.

Managed Adversary and Threat Intelligence (MATI) research, Directed Threat Research (DTR), a full range of technical intelligence, and management mechanisms for Datafeeds and the API are accessible via this customizable portal.

Directed Threat Research

Acquire the most relevant cyber threat intelligence through reports built to answer your specific threat-related questions. Give your team access to custom research resources which can be directed to obtain insights needed to better address known and unknown threats.

Directed Threat Research is available as an add-on license for DeepSight Intelligence Portal Advanced Enterprise customers.

Datafeeds and API

Provide dynamic access to vital data, including vulnerability, malware, and network reputation intelligence. Datafeeds can be integrated with your existing security solutions, allowing for faster, more effective action. Intelligence Datafeeds include:

  • Vulnerability
  • Advanced IP Reputation
  • Advanced Domain/URL Reputation

The DeepSight API provides on demand access to both technical and adversary intelligence.

Our Products

DeepSight? Adversary Intelligence

Outsmart emerging threats and improve your risk assessment through rich adversary intelligence and context of cyber attacks.

DeepSight? Technical Intelligence

Improve your security infrastructure with automated access to relevant vulnerability, malware, and threat intelligence.

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